Keti Giorgobiani

I have visited lots of wine degustation halls in Tbilisi and can say: for sure this is the best one! I loved it <3 The interior, atmosphere, service quality & of course the host, who does the great job with his excellent speech & communication skills, audience involvement was super. Separately want to mention wines - all of them were delicious! Highly recommended place to visit :)

Alex Mouyios

Went here with some friends. We enjoyed a nice cheese plate with honey and crackers and two bottles of wine. Definitely stop here to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and don't forget to buy some bottles to bring home! They also wrap them nicely

Daniel Doinitsin

This is one of the best wine shops and same time wine bar in Tbilisi! Very friendly staff and big portions of food for wine. You can find any Georgian wine here including wine from Abkhazia. Rati the guy is helpful and can give best advises.

Saba Gvetadze

In the town where everyone runs somewhere, there's one place where you're never late. You enter the store and it's much bigger than you had imagined. Walls are covered with plain shelves where dark bottles stand and quietly listen to the city going back to sleep. Oh, and the effortless charm of "8000 Vintages"... I won't bore you with lengthy talks about servers who have invested much of their time testing, tasting, trying, reading, studying and loving the wines. I've never wanted to buy something without history. And here you're able to dive deep into the flair of each bottle. One should not only study the taste but the soul of the wine. Don't laugh and blame me. I'm just and average Georgian and like many others (who have accidentally been born at this tiny piece of land) I take a great pride in representing the continuous 80-century-process of wine-making. That's why I bombard servers with questions each time. "8000 Vintages" explains why you should be drinking wine instead of bottled Martini with a meticulously pointed pinkie. Don't get me wrong, I'm married to Martini but every once in a while I slip back into love with Wine. The bar puts special emphasis on the ART of Feeling the drink. However, I've not always been this sophisticated wine-lover. For years I was convinced that it was an evil drink which turned even the most serious man into a faun (not a great look, btw). But only people who can or want to truly breath-in the culture should visit the shop. It's not how much you can DRINK but how much you can APPRECIATE. I took one of the cheapest bottles and I can honestly say that for an hour, I was having a serious relationship with that chubby glass of red semi-sweet. And let me assure you, it hasn't been a one night stand either (have you ever noticed how some bottles are better than most people?!). The whole concept of the store revolves around Class (and that's with a capital "C"). It's not a barrel-house you're sitting in. Put a nice shirt on, groom yourself, for "8000 Vintages" is a temple of refined art. This is the place of subtle intimacy and exceptional traditions. Do me a favor and don't go alone. Take your friend, take your lover, take your foreign guest or take your mom (if you must) and try the cheese board (or a fish-board, or dry fruits). Ask questions because for once in your life you might actually get useful information from a server, owner or a wine expert who might just casually be hanging out at the next table. You won't have to pay much (in fact, prices are well below the touristic "chic" Leselidze places "standards") but don't be cheap and tip generously. Anyways, days seem pointless without a glass of sensual exposure to life. Or even better - a BOTTLE! "8000 Vintages" has yet to become another "hot spot" in town. And if you're lucky you might be able to spot Nina Ananiashvili, the living treasure of Georgia, sitting in an ordinary chair, sipping an ordinary wine, as though she's an ordinary woman. I don't really remember how I got back home. And at this point I'm a bit afraid to ask. I've always believed I was far from being Jerry (the mouse, Metro Goldwyn Mayer beloved character) but I honestly dreamed about cheese all night. And that's because, you can order few different boards with wide selection of cheese, national sweets, fish, etc.

Nikoloz A

This is very interesting, relatively new spot in Tbilisi. to start with, it is not in a touristic place and this is not an "usual" vine bar or shop. As its read from the name there must be something related to heritage, culture and this is it. 8,000 years of wine making traditions are alive and gathered in in this cosy wine bar and shop. U get only selected wines form different micro, small and medium producers form Georgia, mainly that are prepared in an old Georgian style, in clay jars. Before the bottle finds its place at the shelf, it should go through very complicated selection process that is organized on a regular basis via oenology professionals and only after this it can get the "8,000 Vintages" approval. You choice will never be disappointing. The competent staff and local sommelier will kindly assist you as well a plate dishes are very well suited to the offered wines. Just keep in mind, you will not be able to have a short visit there, to get a bottle and go very fast... you will be "kidnapped" by the atmosphere and passion of discovery of new varieties of Georgian Wines, and keep in mind "drink irresponsibly while you are in this journey".


Excellent place for wine lovers – for Oenophiles who would like to try and enjoy authentic Georgian wines with tasty and tastefully decorated charcuterie and cheese boards, and for wine aficionados who appreciate and collect exquisite grape wines. 8000 Vintages has one of the richest and most carefully selected collection of various types of Georgian wines from various parts of the country. It is located in the center of the city, but off the main touristic routes. Visiting 8000 vintages gives you possibility to explore Tbilisi’s yet another nice neighborhood. The atmosphere is very cool and yet relaxed, with modern and tasteful interior design. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely worth visiting! You will learn about Georgian wine, its production and 8000-year history, will be able to taste and enjoy best Georgian wine and can buy a bottle or two as a souvenir or a gift.

Jacob C

Discovering 8000 Vintages feels like stumbling upon a secret too good not to share. A chic, sleek, modern wine bar for true connoisseurs, or those who wish to learn from them. You do not happen upon it by accident; a stone's thrown from the touristed parts of the city it is not. But the rewards for those who come! The concrete, tile and wood decor, clean lines and airiness conjure a scene out of San Francisco or perhaps Williamsburg. A glance at the prolific library of wines, enveloping the space and adding a convivial flair, tells you you are not. Rather, this is a preeminent destination to experience the rich diversity and heritage of Georgian winemaking--a heritage virtually synonymous with that of the land itself. Discover Georgia via a tasting journey through the storied wine-producing regions. The people here are knowledgable and welcome the opportunity to guide you. The charcuterie and cheeses, outstanding in their own right, add further rich notes of flavor. In a city, in a country where wine is central to culture and life, 8000 Vintages is a celebration of both. Gaumar-jos!