Why should we order wine on the website?

If you buy wine on the website it is more comfortable, you can choose wine from your home and get it in the shortest time. Also, you can check your history which will help you to remember your acquired wines or discover something new.

How secured is online order? 

Online purchase on our website is carried out with the support of Payze and all the operations are performed on protected servers of the bank. We have no access to your bank account, you are using during transactions. As well as we do not publicize information that you are entering for registration and making an order. Information about you shall be delivered to the third person only when such action is required by the Law. 

What if the product turns out to be damaged or broken?

If you order wine in Berlin and you get a product that does not correspond to your order or appears to be broken or damaged, you may demand replacement of the product by another one within the same fee. For this you need to submit a sample of the damaged product. But in other countries and regions shipment does not include any kind of insurance.

Any other questions?

Please write us on berlin@8000vintages.ge and you will get full answer in a short time.