About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the taste of Georgian wine to as many people as possible.

We started journey of our business from the urban part of the city. We believe that local people are the best connoisseurs of the Georgian wine. We would like to support the development of wine drinking culture. People who understand the wine are the motivation for wine-makers to produce a fine wine and continue working on the quality.

About us

To represent all the best wines of the country in our shop and bar we created an independent tasting committee. We try about 100 new wines every month during the blind tasting and select only the fine ones. So far we have tried more than 1610 wines and selected only 790 bottles. We give equal opportunity to all kinds of winemakers, small ones as well as large producers who can provide their sample bottle of wine for the tasting and sell it in case it meets the requirements of the committee.

The wines are categorized according to grape variety and protected designation of origin on the shelves. The method makes it easier to our customers to compare and select the bottle that they would like to buy. The categorization also emphasizes the equality of the producers no matter the scale of the company.

Fine wine is not luxury, nowadays, wine-producers make it possible to buy a high quality product with an affordable price. We try to support the popularization of bottled wine by selling the carefully selected bottles. At the bar the wine is sold with the shelf price (without an additional service fee).

All wines represented at 8000 vintages are Georgian and will always be!